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Life can be challenging at times. You can be doing all the right things then Boom…. you may have a heart attack or be diagnosed with a brain tumor (like me). But high risk can also happen because you have a dangerous profession, hobby, high risk lifestyle habits, a serious health condition, or simply have lived a long time.

If anything of this describes you, then you need to know about high risk life insurance.

You can agree that nearly everyone needs life insurance to protect loved ones financially.

Smithfin is life insurance comparison company that specializes in helping high risk applicants.

If you are considered a risky candidate for life insurance coverage, we can still find high risk life insurance companies willing to provide the coverage you need. At Smithfin, we know and work with companies that work with high risk applicants. We also bring affordability because we work with multiple life insurance companies. They compete for your business on our behalf.

What Is High Risk Life Insurance?

High risk life insurance is available for those who are considered a higher risk to insure than other people. What defines a risk category? There are several categories that are considered high risk. They include:
•High risk professions: People in high risk professions include underwater welders, police officers and underground miners to name a few.
•High risk hobbies: Your profession maybe non-high risk but on your free time you maybe involved in hobbies such as skydiving, scuba diving or racing cars which are considered high risk.
•High risk habits: Some lifestyle habits might be high risk, such as smoking cigarettes or cigars, or chewing tobacco.
•High risk diseases: If you have been diagnosed with a serious or life threatening disease such as high blood pressure, crohn’s disease, cancer, pancreatic disease, epilepsy, diabetes, etc. you are most likely considered high risk.

Getting the life insurance you need is not out of the question, regardless of your profession, hobbies, habits, illnesses or advanced age. It is just how you go about obtaining it.
Smithfin.com works with individuals across the nation to secure the best life insurance rates, request your free quote today!

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At Smithfin, we take out the frustration of trying to obtain life insurance if you are considered high risk and also save you time and money.