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Todd Russell

Birth Place:

Watertown Wisconsin

What is your Occupation:

I am the Owner / Art Director and Designer of Blue Dot Interiors.

Blue Dot Interiors was so widely received that we decided to create Blue Dot Home Market so our readers can finally readily purchase some of those unique accessories through e- commerce . Being the Owner/Buyer/Designer of Blue Dot Home Market, for the past year I have been quietly and excitingly collaborating with the best artisans in the design field to bring one a home accessories line. I  personally wanted it to be my mission  to make every home have some extraordinary, quality  décor that they will treasure for a lifetime. Everyone deserves to see some beauty and something special in their homes.

Where did the name Blue Dot Interiors Come from?

Well,  ever since I can remember I’ve always had a fascination with the color blue. A lot of people don’t realize but the color blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and truth. I always try to use this as a bases for my design firm. Dot on the other hand..well, it’s just my name spelled backwards! Simple as that!

In essence, what is Blue Dot Home Market?

Blue Dot Home Market is a branch of my design firm Blue Dot Interiors. Don’t get me confused with a furniture store or a lifestyle brand. Blue Dot Home Market is a place for you to come shop for the latest trends or timeless style in home accessories. One of the easiest ways to change one’s home is with paint. But did you know you can get the same effect by adding accessories or changing your accessories seasonally.  By adding pops of color, texture, or even lighting to give your home a brand new look.  Whether it be modern, traditional or transitional.  I have curated a vast collection of timeless quality and stylish home decor.

Why now, did you create Blue Dot Home Market?

Well in the last couple of years the design firm has been working with artisans and craftsman who have a great attention to design and detail. Being a white glove interior design firm, meaning we choose everything  from the front door knob to the color napkins on the table, there was a need for a place where people who have seen our designs or have read my articles a place to shop for a piece of Blue Dot for their home. I have worked with some of the best in the industry to bring a collection that represents the detail we bring to my clientele.

What has been the biggest obstacle in creating Blue Dot Home Market?

I think one of the biggest obstacles has been trying to find the right artisans and craftsmen that are represented in the market. I wanted to create a collection that I could present to the clientele and to know that they are receiving great quality in an accessory they could be proud of and to know that it came from Blue Dot.

How do you choose the pieces to sell in Blue Dot Home Market? What are you looking for in a piece?

I search for accessories that exude high artisan-ship and the highest quality. The way it looks, the texture, how it feels in your hand. Does it have a timeless sensibility?  Would I want it in my own home? Can the pieces be exclusive to Blue Dot Home Market? Lastly, does it make me smile inside and out? These are many of the questions I contemplate when making this decision.

We have a lot of international readers can Blue Dot Home Market ship anywhere?

Yes! I have partnered with both Fed-ex and UPS to bring the goodies to my clients.

Do you do any private consulting work? Despite being gay, some guys cannot make a decision on what to wear and definitely couldn’t create an appealing living room or any room theme.

I think one of the mistakes people make when designing a home is not asking for help. Even if you find that you are secretly interior design savvy having another opinion especially a professional opinion, can save you costly mistakes in the long run. At Blue Dot Interiors we also work on hourly consultation fee. This allows us to be able to help the discerning clientele choose colors, scale and the placement of furniture and fixtures.  It’s also nice to have an extra pair of eyes to look at a space to see creative ideas you may not have seen. We do the work and the client has all the fun!

The best advice I have ever been given about design?

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box? Sometimes the best decision is to get rid of the box completely! Take a chance! If you are too shy about painting that living room yellow try it home accents first. Things such as pillows, accessories or a piece of art. Not sure about putting florals with plaids? Go for it! Yes there are principles to design but when it comes down to it, if you love it then love it! This is your home so have some fun!

What keeps me excited about working in the field of design?

It has to be working with a new client. Whether it be residential or commercial. Small or large scale. Each project brings on new challenges and new ways to incorporate new design elements. Design is always changing and always evolving. In that sense I am always able to feed the creative side of myself and bring something new and exciting to the client.

How do you translate personalities into their own space?

At Blue Dot it is very important to know the client and anyone else living in the home whether it be a spouse, children, or even a family pet. I have to see how they use the space, what makes them excited about their home whether it be traditional, modern, eclectic, etc. By choosing color, or art, or photos we can bring a piece of their own personality to a home. As a designer you have to design the home for the client and not for you as the designer. Each family, individual is different therefore each design is uniquely personal.

Where do you find your source of inspiration?

Everywhere I go I see inspiration. It can be as simple as admiring the way someone is dressed to the way products are merchandised on a shelf or, flipping through magazines for inspiration. However, the best place for me to look for inspiration is definitely nature. The outdoors. Mother Nature has never gotten it wrong!  Look outside to see the colors, the textures, the smells. Each season brings with it a burst of energy.  When you are on a hike, a vacation, or on a weekend drive look around and trust me you will be inspired!

What are some of the easiest ways to update a room?

There are several ways to update a room. First of all, paint. A fresh coat of paint is an easy and inexpensive way to update a room perfect for the weekend designer. Also try moving your furniture around.  Bring your furniture into the room so it’s not all placed on a wall. You will be surprised what a difference this will make. Try using furniture for something that it is not intended for. Something such as using a drop leaf table as a piece for an entry way.  You can also try an area rug which can anchor a room and bring in added color and texture.  Lastly, well placed accessories or groupings of accessories can bring a room from BLANED to looking WELL PLANNED!

What’s your favorite room to design?

I would have to say right now I like creating bedrooms. It always seems the last room people tend to design. And this is where the majority of our time is spent. It’s a place to start and end your day. Read a book or watch a movie etc. creating an oasis or the feel of in upscale hotel or a quaint bed and breakfast is a way to create comfort and personality to your home.  Your bedroom could just be the place where dreams are made of!

Being design savvy is something people struggle with. What’s the secret?

I don’t think there really is a secret. People gravitate towards design that they love. Implementing them can be another story. That’s why at Blue Dot Interiors and Blue Dot Home Market we assist the client in making their rooms a reality. We take your information add some inspiration and end up with your own personal creation. I feel for interiors to be successful aesthetically and comfortable, they need the combination of familiarity and originality, lightness and depth and just a few sly little twist.

The most treasured décor item I own?

That’s really hard to say. As an interior designer it changes. When I see something I instantly love, I bring it home! (Unless it is a man I’ve just met!) I live with it and enjoy it. But then I will be working with a client and think I have the perfect home for this piece and have to let it go and let it have life in a new space. So then I have a place for something new to fall in love with. As a designer, just like a client, my home is ever evolving and changing!

If you could meet a younger self, what would you tell him?

Not everyone is a “thinker” some are “doers” and some like me are “dreamers”. Our paths maybe different but we will all end up at the same place in life if we believe in ourselves, work hard and follow our hearts. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to make

What would you like to say to the Age Forward Wisconsin Audience?

Do not make decisions from a place of fear. A life lived in fear is a life half lived…


Where can our readers find you or know more about you?

I love hearing from the members of the tribe! Here is my contact information.


Now it will be even easier to surround yourself in beautiful home décor.

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Design is everything.