Do men find women over 50 attractive?

Attractive Women Over 40

Do men find women over 50 attractive?

What Men Find Attractive in Women Over 50


By Jay J. Joseph

I just don’t know what man are looking for now that I’m over 50. I’m nervous and anxious about getting back into dating because it’s been so long. I had to really emotional things happen in my life that make me feel like I may not be ready for this. I don’t even know what man are looking for now that I’m over 50.

That’s okay and you’re not alone. Most people getting back into dating when they’re over 50 struggle with the same questions. They’re natural to have and it’s healthy to think about these things so that you can be more prepared to enter the dating scene again. Don’t be too concerned since dating is easier over 50 than it was when you were younger. You are more mature and so are the men you will be dating. Enjoy this period of your life for what it is and enjoy the opportunities you have to meet new people and broaden your horizons.

What men find attractive in women over 50:

  • Confidence
  • Composure
  • Success
  • Physically fit
  • Easy-going temperament
  • Good with his family
  • Understanding of his lifestyle and his hobbies
  • Self-confidence

What all of these things amount two is a well-rounded and well-adjusted person. Over 50 men are no longer looking for something thrilling and mysterious. Man are looking for a well-balanced woman who can complement their life in these their finest years. You don’t have to compete with younger women because they will not have what you can offer. You are more suitably matched to a mature man who is looking for a wonderful companion.

How to be a wonderful companion

In order to be an amazing companion you need to be willing to adapt to his interests. You don’t have to make them all yours but you do have to be willing to participate and support what he’s excited about. When you talk to him ask him about those exciting experiences and things he finds thrilling. If you focus on mundane and normal topics you won’t bring out those things in his life he finds exciting.

How to stay fit

Over 50 it can be more challenging to stay in shape. It’s not impossible though and with a few simple but powerful changes you can stay fit. The first and easiest thing to do is walk more. The best time to walk is after each meal as it lower your blood sugar and prevents you from gaining weight. The next thing you can do is to cut out you’re between meal snacks. The weekends are also a great chance to walk a bit more. Here’s another simple but powerful tip, do five push-ups a day. This will build muscle and firm up your arms. This also doesn’t require any gym equipment or expensive memberships. If the five push-ups become too easy increase them to 10. You’ll find that walking more and doing this moderate exercise maybe helpful to stay fit.

Jay as a student of both men and women in relationship. He’s focused his efforts on understanding what makes men and women draw closer and what forces them apart. His over decades in this field has given him many interesting and unconventional insights. His two recent areas of interest have been understanding how to attract men and attracting men which have both been on his mind.