Annoying Couples who Obsess About Their Pets

Annoying Couples who Obsess About Their Pets

By Guest Writer Corinne

Our cat has taken over our home. It’s embarrassing! And we own it. Not only am I a cat freak, but so is my husband. According to our friends, we are the most annoying people in on Facebook. If you haven’t seen many of our ga-zillion photos and videos of our cat, then you are either not a Facebook friend or have clicked on hide images in disgust. Our 7 year old tabby, “Two”, can be seen in all manner of cute poses or in videos chasing toys or foraging for snacks. He is our baby and at times the centerpiece of our marriage.

As two childless middle-aged adults we can live with the fact that our son has fur. We are not alone in our obsession. Anyone who have seen the reality television show, My Cat From Hell, will tell you that couples lose it over their pets. There are also plenty of divorce court custody battle over Rover. So, what’s the big deal with pets? When it comes to the furry ones, its boils down to unconditional love. If you like this article, you can find more articles from Writer Corrine at