Aging Forward: What Does That Mean?

Aging Forward: What Does That Mean?
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By William Smith

I have been asked from time to time from readers what does ” Aging Forward” mean?

Aging Forward does not really have to refer to a certain age or the progression of aging in a physical sense. It really has to do with Coping well with the stages versus coping poorly is what Aging Forward is all about.

Here are some more clarifications: Possessing confidence in yourself by creating  plans and still possessing that curiosity to never stop learning and never stop engaging with others.It is planning your life-like you will live to be 100+ years old.  As soon as you feel that you know it all or you stop learning, you are dying.

Embracing your age, and not hiding from it.  You are still the same individual as if you are were in your twenties just a different number .  For example, I used to lie and tell people I was 40 when I was 46.  I would hold such a secret and I always felt uneasy.   I lacked confidence in myself and I did not embrace my age.

Aging Forward doesn’t mean you have to wear your wrinkles with pride – instead, you can do whatever is necessary to make yourself as confident as you can be. If  one wants to get plastic surgery to remove wrinkles or make your skin more youthful , and in the process gain more confidence in yourself than do it.

In short, Aging Forward is a mental state in working through the various stages of one’s life with curiosity, confidence, and goals. It is  working that Plan B , C, D, E or F when life brings you obstacles and challenges.

Trust me that there will be times where you will have set backs. A health scare could scare anyone. You maybe scared and you may doubt yourself, if you lose your job or a partner. But Aging Forward is knowing that these setbacks are temporary and not permanent . Pain will subside. How? By never giving up. ..never surrendering … moving and Aging Forward!