Signs that Your Elderly Parent May Need Help


Signs that Your Elderly Parent May Need Help

By William Smith
As parents age, it may be necessary to assess whether further assistance is needed in their care. Questions may arise relating to their physical and psychological well-being as well as potential medical and mobility issues.

There are certain indicators which signify that intervention is necessary:

1. Mail and bills are accumulating.
Mail can become overwhelming from the timeliness of payments to managing the bank accounts.

2.The house is no longer tidy and clean.
Parents that kept the house neat and clean may not be interested or care about its appearance.

3.Food is left uneaten or rotting in the refrigerator.
Shopping, cooking, and cleaning become a chore. Appetites might diminish and affect nutritional intake. Lack of a nutritional diet can lead to weight loss.

4.Burnt pots and pans.
Burnt pots and pans are indicative of short-term memory loss. Leaving pots on the stove is not only a danger to the homeowner but the neighbors.

5. Poor personal hygiene.
Indicators include body odor, unkempt clothing, lack of oral hygiene, unshaven or un-manicured nails. This may stem from a fear of falling while entering and exiting a bath tub or shower or the location of the washing machine.

6.Missing appointments.
This may stem from a lack of transportation or scheduling issues.

7.Navigation away from the home or on stairs is difficult.
Falls and dizziness may have occurred that make navigation intimidating and difficult.

8. Forgetting to take medication.
This indicates potential short-term memory loss or depression.

9.Inappropriate speech, behavior and clothing.
Inappropriate attire, speech and behavior may indicate confusion.

10.Not scheduling household repairs and maintenance.
This may include such things as garbage disposal and lawn maintenance.

If assistance is needed with an elderly parent, a determination should be made on which service best suits their needs. This can include assistance in their home or looking into senior apartments or assisted living communities